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Yesterday's delights:

     Altogether too much good stuff in the form of my boss's boss bringing us chocolates, my boss bringing in donuts, a coworker making cookies, and an adjacent department putting out the dessert leftovers of their Christmas party. Much gluttony was had by all!

     Some good mental progress with 'Ilka' in recalling a plot twist that had been lodged in the bottom of my skull for some years, and in getting out a rough outline of 'Stonebow.'

     The wonderful internet helping me figure out approximately how far t'DoL has to fly between the mountains of Oversea and Hu-Harek's home: 5082 miles (8178 km). I'd wondered for wonder he's not too keen on frequent 'commutes'!

     The art project that has been causing me so much trouble and misery and program crashes so that I had to give it up for the first part of this week for the sake of my sanity--I might finally have gotten the upper hand! Test renders take 6-8 hours though, so my progress will continue to be very slow...but that's better than none at all!
Tags: beloved, great wave, job: other, nothing gold, vigil
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