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Treats for yesterday:

     Getting to defrost the last of the spaghetti sauce my mom sent back with me. Oh-so-yummy spaghetti and meatballs for dinner--and leftovers for Christmas Eve!

     They've been changing the forecast every few hours, it seems, since Thursday, so it was a pleasant surprise to get the couple inches of snow that was 'canceled' for Saturday. I got to shovel my sidewalk on the eve of Christmas Eve, and everything looks clean and bright again!

     The fun of revisiting a sporadic 'tradition' of mine: rereading The Dark is Rising in sync with when the events occur. The book starts on Midwinter's Eve, and has chapters for Midwinter's Day, the eve of Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day (the rest is strung out later, but I usually read it right after Christmas). I quite enjoy the resonance and the holiday spirit and traditions and carols woven into that book.
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