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On Christmas Eve...

     There was the amusement of finding my car doors frozen shut when I went out to warm it up before driving to work today (had to work a half day, which doesn't work with my limited bus service). Fortunately, I was able to get the passenger side door open, or I might not have made it to work!

     There was the blessing of a quiet commute, which helped make up for the non-highway roads being obscenely slippery due to the weekend's weather. I also happily savored the setting moon as I drove--I've been looking forward to a full moon around Christmas since I realized it would happen some weeks back. Wonderful to see it!

     There was the reassurance of seeing Sarin. She came to work to fill out her timecard, unaware that I'd asked my boss to do it for her to make sure she got her next paycheck. She looks far from wonderful, but it was a comfort seeing her walking and carrying on conversations--far better than last week.

     And the encouragement of my Heruvael illustration for 'Nothing Gold' going smooth as silk and fairly close to being finished already...which I needed badly, having gotten so close to smashing my computer (or more appropriately, Vue and Poser) after my inability to fix what's wrong with my Geren/Mist picture for Elfwood (and I wasted nearly all of Sunday on the blasted thing). Thank God for one art project going well!

     Last but not least, the joy of keeping up with tradition by watching the animated 'Grinch' tonight--the sole Christmas movie in my collection, because I'm so used to watching them at my parents' house or borrowing them--but no longer!
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