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Recent gratitudes...

     That I didn't have any uncontrollable crying fits/emotional breakdowns on Thursday unlike the prior two days. And I was actually able to manage a little editing (yay!) though writing is still in limbo. And for my priceless mom staying on the phone with me for long stretches on the 25th and 26th until I was functioning again.

     My aunt's phone call on Christmas Day, and that she liked her gift (and it got there on time!). Leaving aside all of the wonderful gifts I got.

     Priceless Joe following me home Christmas Day night to make sure I was safe, after what was supposed to be flurries turned into 6 inches of gorgeousness by Wed morning. The roads that night were utterly horrific, especially for my small, light-weight Saturn. (Not that I'm at all blaming the plowers for not being out there very quick on Christmas night, the poor guys already had an insane weekend.)

     Big massive mushy hugs for my mom's comment on 'Tongue-tied' (when she should have been packing) and Christina's comment on 'Sheltering Wings.' Now all my new stories have commentses!

     Last, but certainly not least, that my mom had a safe overnight *shudders* flight from California to Florida, and got in over there in good time this morning. I hope she has a wonderful visit!
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