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Recent bright spots:

     On Friday, as I was waiting for the bus to go home, I saw a sparrow fly up out of the corner of my eye. I turned, and there was a dozen or so shabby, grungy city sparrows in a small tree. I'd seen them before on other days of late, and I wondered how the poor fellows could ever find anything to eat with so much snow recently. I wished there was something I could give them...and then, seconds later, I realized I actually had food with me. I'd miscounted when making my lunch that morning, and given myself more than the prerequisite six crackers, and so hadn't eaten them all. So, with half my attention on the road lest my bus show up, I scrabbled around in my bag to get my lunch bag and pull out one Ritz cracker. Crushed it in my hand and dumped it on top of the big, shoulder-height metal box (a transformer, most likely) that I stand near. Then I walked around the corner of a low wall so I could see what they were doing without being too close myself. I needn't have wasted time wondering if they had recognized my actions--they were on it in a flurry of excitement. Ah, there's a sight to lift the saddest of hearts--all that flying back and forth as they carried off larger pieces or gobbled down smaller ones, rising in a group anytime a passerby got too close. They were still working at the remains when my bus came.

     Coldwater Creek has its '50% everything online' around this time every year...but the things that caught my eye were still too much even at 50% off. Then I got an e-mail this morning for 70% off...and the one thing that wistfully lingered in my memory the most was still available! I can afford 70% off $100, I can!

     Got that dang-blasted Geren/Mist/Heove picture as done as it ever will be, and a ticket in for my Elfwood page. At least I made it before the end of the year! Now I'm going to try to forget that wretched project ever existed, and work on something else. Anything else!

     I love The Nativity Story more every time I see it. Thanks for the gift, parents!
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