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Happiness is...

     Chain-smoking...well, watching, episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series, that I got for myself from Oh, such happy memories of reading some of these episodes in book-form in my teen years, and the ones I watched in Puerto Rico as a 13-year-old. What a way to enjoy a Friday evening!

     It makes me glad to be alive when I am. 10 years ago, I'd have had to collect episodes on VHS one at a dollar-munching, shelf-space-gobbling time. Twenty years ago...well, twenty years ago, VCR's were just starting to get common and affordable--oh, but they were clunky! Back before then my family could still borrow a mini movie-projector from the library and watch Disney cartoons displayed on the apartment wall--and boy did those midsummer daddy longlegs cast some impressive shadows under that light!

     Anyway, I'm glad for DVDs, and the ability to get episodes of beloved movies and shows, like Star Trek and Disney's Gargoyles. Wonderful!
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