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Shouts · of · Joy

Good stuff...      Making the best of the…

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Good stuff...

     Making the best of the fact that I had to drive in Friday and getting myself a big bag of two-way (cheese and caramel) popcorn at the popcorn shop. They also had peppermint bark at 50% off...which made a number of my coworkers quite happy when I shared it with them!

     Getting my third hyarmi mugshot for my Triune characters page done on Saturday...and the fourth should follow quite soon.

     Sarah remembering how to get into her LiveJournal account and reading two stories on my Portal Page--yippee!

     Essentially finishing the patterned hyarmi layout in Poser, though I'll be fiddling with tiny details for some time yet...but then, that goes for the unpatterned hyarmi as well. Still, shall feel very good to soon knock something off my projects list that's been leering at me for well over a year!
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