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A good start to the workweek:

     Checked my e-mail this morning to find that my mom had left comments on all three of my new pictures up at Elfwood--even though she'd already given me verbal feedback on Friday night. And she likes Geren/Mist/Heove! She's priceless. =)

     Got hyarmi mugshot 4 done before work, and mugshot 5 done this evening. Yay--all finished! For a while anyway, as I don't have strong impressions of any human characters yet (and don't want to face the fact that men in Triune wear beards).

     Overly delighted by the 2nd teaser trailer for Pixar's upcoming Wall-E film. Too much fun!

     And only five chapters left of book 1 editing...I think I'm going to crank up 'Final Countdown' again! ;)
Tags: book 1: editing, elfwood, movies, triune: misc
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