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On Thursday...

     My area of the department has been getting plastered with high work volumes from our main job the first three days this week. So when the doorbell rang and I opened it to receive a heavy pouch stuffed with work from a different job, it was one of those laugh or cry moments. Corey and I settled for chuckling helplessly. Never rains but it pours, and sometimes the way it does so is hilarious!

     Shanra read 'Saenna' and liked it! Lovely to see that story collecting comments. =)

     Another hyarmi essay illustration done...and currently making me a Black Prince in Poser. (Which means I'm now learning the ropes in flattened whiskers, flattened ears, and snarling! ;)

     Two chapters left, hah hah, two, two! And I'm glad for a coming weekend, since the last three chapters need more tweaking, though fortunately not nearly as troublesome as the first three.
Tags: book 1: editing, essay: hyarmi, job: work, sheltering wings
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