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     Today is a Friday. I need a weekend!

     It was amusing this morning that nobody, me or my cats, wanted to get out of bed this morning. Shado's gotten like that during the cold months, prefering to linger in my warm bed, but Arun is usually up right when I turn the lights on. Today we were all three slug-a-beds.

     I have ever-so-slight addiction issues with Melody Peña's Poad TM sculpture, so I did a lot of drooling this afternoon when she put up photos of some fancy new varieties. Great motivation to not spend money on ANYTHING else (except food!) so I can afford one!

     The treat of a letter (with magnet and postcard) from Shanra in the mail today. Thanks, me dear!
Tags: mail, pets: arun, pets: shado, poads(tm)

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