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A pretty nice weekend...

     My dripping sink is fixed! I think it was August when the issue was brought it took them less than half a year. Next up, the dripping bathtub.

     It is sure nice to have the postal system running smooth and light again. Thank you cards I sent went quickly, and clothes I ordered arrived quickly. Nice!

     A decent price for a nonstop flight to Florida at the end of February. My mom and I are going to meet up there and spend a week with one of her sisters. Should be fun! My first time there, since I won't count landing at an airport there on my way to Puerto Rico back in 1988. Will be a different sort of vacation for me, full of things like SeaWorld and Busch Gardens and the Holy Land Experience...

     Very happy to finally do some writing in 2008. Got myself rolling again on my novella 'Nothing Gold Can Stay.' Moving slowly, but I'm moving!

     And the happy discovery that Poser can handle pictures with two hyarmi together. It crashed attempting a render with all three in, but since only two were touching, the easy solution was to render the last one in a separate pass and fuse the images--as if my struggle with 'Threesome' in 2006 didn't give me loads of experience in those sorts of cheats!
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