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Two things...

     I keep meaning to post about this. My bus route was taken over by a new contractor in December, and the transition has been rather bumpy, with buses late or early, or not showing up, and new drivers all the time, it seemed at first (at least the afternoons have stabilized). But there's a good thing that came with all this--the route price got changed from 'Express' to 'Local.' So instead of it being $2.75 per trip, it's now $2.00. Took me a little while to be certain it wasn't a passing oversight, but I (and my budget) am certainly enjoying it now!

     Okay, now jump back to early December. One of the gifts I got for my niece/nephews was a Winnie the Pooh 3 DVD collection, which I ordered through a seller from, as it wasn't available from Amazon directly. So, *refers to personal journal* on December 18th, I got two packages in the mail from the seller with two identical Pooh DVD sets. It was rather hilarious--in all the years I've been shopping online, I've never had somebody send me the same thing twice. I could empathize with the poor fellow being so overwhelmed with pre-Christmas orders that he just plain didn't catch the error.

     So, after squelching the brief temptation to sell the extra set on eBay for much-needed cash, or give it away, I waited until Christmas had passed and the post office was less crazy. Then, Dec 29th, I boxed it up and put a note on top that said:
You sent me two, I only paid for one! and a smiley face. Underneath I put the packaging for both sets, so he could see for himself what he'd done. Sent it media mail, of course.

     And today I got something in the mail in return--I recognized the seller's company name at once, since I'd pored over it in my addressing the package. Inside was a note and a dvd:

Thank you for sending back extra DVD box set.
We sent this free DVD to you as a thank you.
Most people would not have been so honest and taken the time and effort to return the item to us.
Thanks again
[company name]

     What a sweet person! The DVD is Ocean's Eleven, which is not at all to my taste in movies, but I'm sure I can find somebody to give it to... =)

     Talk about a cheer-me-up moment!
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