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Thursday was not a happy day, especially in the evening, but there were two good things...

     Thank God for providence! In this case, the fact that the work volumes have been so erratic of late, with some super high spikes, means that I've been watching the e-mail database more intently than usual. So I spotted a weird skip in numbers before leaving work Wednesday, and brought it to my boss on Thursday. Started getting an increasing feel in my 'gut' that this was more than a trivial error, so I went beyond her instructions before sending out the e-mail to the computer guys. Rather gratifying, when the (rather scary) reply came back in the afternoon, to have her fervently thanking me both for spotting it and taking the additional action.

     Annnnnd the hyarmi figure project I started on Wednesday evening continued going loverly smoothly--I now have hyarmi cubs! Of course my first one had to be a Hileko-cub, jumping into Heruvael's arms as part of my hyarmi pelt colors illustration (and I have a feeling he might steal the stage) but I also did another cub for another essay illustration. Only one last big (and scary) hurdle left: how to make a hyarmi cub peering out of mom's pouch. *hides*
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