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This weekend's blessing was accomplishments:

     First, three cheers for my Cerulean, who sat untouched for a week, then took me to church and back this morning. Not at all happy about starting up at -9 F/-23 C, but my dear car pulled it off!

     I'm happy about the idea that hopped into my head halfway through the week, even if it made the art side of things even more hectic. I was able to finish the picture for Hilome's 'Family Portrait' this weekend--at LAST, after two months, something new on my Triune page!

     Also finally finished my big, hairy (pardon the pun) hyarmi pelt colors only two hyarmi essay illustrations left to go!

     Got kicked off right on time with my verbal edits for book 1, and the first four chapters are done. Looks like keeping on schedule won't be a problem, and I might wind up running ahead of it.

     Last, and certainly not least, rather befitting the theme of my weekend--great progress on 'Nothing Gold,' and on Saturday I wrote the death of Hu-Harek. Wow--I've written of a couple minor characters dead or dying of old age, but I've never, never written anything like that. I hope that scene is half as hair-raising for my readers as it feels to me. It's one thing to have it in my mind for a decade-plus, but quite another thing indeed to actually write it.
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