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Tuesday's treats...

     Around 0 F/-17 C for the walk to the bus stop this morning--which meant a whole bunch more fun noisemaking across the fresh snow. And the delicious sight of a setting full moon during the ride to work.

     I'm a little slow on the uptake around here, but paying for another year of my LJ account means I get more userpics! Yay--I need to make some Triune-related ones for my Triune page so I don't have to always use Hu-Harek and the Rooster as stand-ins for their respective races.

     Toe-warmers are wonderful, wonderful things! It made a huge difference with my standing around in 9 F with -9 windshields at the March for Life yesterday. Big glomps to whomever invented it!

     Dropped by the Glacier webcams and wound up with a big grin on my face from the latest snowman makeover!

     Made myself a 'Nothing Gold' map--and high time too, since I had to keep flipping through all my Hope's Passage and even Triune maps while writing.
Tags: glacier webcams, mapmaking, nothing gold, skyscapes
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