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Just one day left of the workweek, whoo-hoo...

     The bus was super crowded Wednesday afternoon, and I and the last guys on would have had to stand--except for the college kids that insisted on us taking their spots. Always a delight to see there's still some courtesy left in the world--especially in the younger folk!

     Wednesday night, I finished my hyarmi essay illustrations at last. Feels good to have that off my list!

     Today, I find myself very grateful for second chances. The first came at my blood donation appointment today. They took my hemoglobin; I was too low. But the supervisor came over and said that now that they were using a new testing method (rather than the centrifuge hematocrit method) they were allowed to take multiple samples. And on the second try, I passed! Hurrah--1st of 3 donations done for 2008!

     My second second chance was with getting me a 'Burnt Sugar' PoadTM. I'd been really bummed that I missed out last Thursday by such a short margin--60 seconds faster and I might have made it before they sold out. So getting a second chance today, much sooner than I ever expected, made my afternoon...though I did get literally faint from overexcitement, thanks to having just given blood!
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