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Today I am very glad for weekends. Wednesday through Friday were very rough at work; I was fit to keel over by the end of it. Weekends are wonderful things.

     I'm glad I was able to fall back asleep this morning after brainlessly having my alarm go off at 5:30 like it was a workday.

     I'm glad I reached the part in 'Nothing Gold' where Trapper Arun shows up. Eeee!

     I'm also glad for big numbers. In this case--my 300th post here. So I made a mushy picture to celebrate--hyarmi-t'DoL and Hileko-cub.
Which in itself triggers more gratitudes:
     The joy of getting to use the Poser hyarmi figure I started on back in September of 2006.
     The addictive fun of hyarmi cubs.
     The delight of depicting my own dearly-beloved characters.


Yay for entry 300!
Tags: art, nothing gold, soj
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