Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

Well, yesterday it got to around 42 F/6 C with messy melting everywhere--but by tonight it's supposed to be down to around -10 F/-23 C after a bit of snow and low windchills. Good old crazy Minnesota--sure makes me glad the funeral was yesterday and I don't have to drive anywhere until Sunday, because there's bound to be lots of ice around after a plunge like that.

     I'm glad my boss let me go to the funeral without getting a black mark on my attendence record--better yet, she went as well!

     I finished my 'Heruvael running' illustration for 'Nothing Gold,' yay! Looking at my notes made me realize I'd started on it Dec 23rd. Now I have to figure out what other illustrations I'd like to do for the novella...

     Happiness is--a new PoadTM in my collection and a stack of comics in the mail from my mom!
Tags: nothing gold, poads(tm)
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