Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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This cold morning, I'm grateful that:

     My mom gave me those lovely grey thermal underwear leggings AND that I remembered to stick them in my bag Tuesday morning. It was 17 F/-8 C for the walk to the bus stop, but for coming home, it was -4 F/-20 C with -24 F/-31 C windchills--NOT pleasant temps for wearing a skirt. Hurrah for thermal undies!

     I'm also grateful for the easily taken-for-granted luxuries of dependable electricity and reliable heating. I don't want to know how fast it would get cold if I lost electricity on a night like last night!

     Fun to revisit lots of memories going through oodles of maps for my writings to put in a 'Map Mania' post on LJ.
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