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It was a nice weekend...

     Got a second illustration for 'Nothing Gold' done on Saturday, and started the third one today.

     Warmer temps brought the side-effects Sunday morning of fog and frost. Groves of trees turned white made for some really gorgeous views on the way to and from church.

     Worked one chapter beyond 'quota' with my book 1 verbal editing this weekend to bring me to the halfway mark. Now I really feel I'm getting somewhere! (And my cat Arun loves my verbal editing routine--when he hears me start reading a chapter, he comes over for 'snuggle time'!)

     Fabulous progress with both the outline and writing of 'Nothing Gold' this weekend. Winding up with a trapper Arun scene makes for the best way to end the weekend. =D
Tags: book 1: editing, nothing gold, pets: arun
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