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I am so, so glad that today is Friday, and so glad that Corey is finally back, after having to do his job for four days while he was on jury duty (not that he did anything but sit and wait those four days) while much of my own work went to shambles. I REALLY need a weekend!

     Talk about a frustrating, exhausting, fairly unproductive week, but it did have a couple bright spots. For one, there was the fun of hearing the first Windstone radio broadcast on Tuesday.

     There was the accomplishment Thursday morning of getting my third 'Nothing Gold' illustration beaten to the point where I could tolerate it, though I'll never like it. Still, it's done. Only two left, and I've finally figured out what I want for the Portal Page illustration.

     There was also the delight of getting a new story 'pot' up on my 'What's cooking...' page.

     Feels like I've been waiting on so many things/people at present, so getting three 'replies' in the space of 24 hours was quite nice!
Tags: job: work, nothing gold, what's cooking, windstone ed
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