Joelle (hyarmi_records) wrote in shouts_of_joy,

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Today, I'm happy for:

     The amount of catching-up I managed to get done at work Friday. Don't feel half so bad now, though there's plenty left.

     The beautiful Amaryllis blooms from the bulb the Towners gave me for Christmas. So bright and flamboyant!

     Going to bed after 8:30 Friday night and sleeping until almost 7--a good long stretch for me. Didn't drag myself out of bed until 8, and I sure needed it.

     Got my 'Nothing Gold' Portal Page illustration done, yippee! Only one more illustration left!

     The fun of being bitten by inspiration and making a 'doormats' avatar for my 'oldest' characters.

     The accomplishment of passing the 2/3rds mark with book 1 verbal edits.

     The delight of finally making some good, solid forward progress on 'Nothing Gold.'
Tags: art, avatars, book 1: editing, flowers, nothing gold, photos
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