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Today was the All-Company meeting day. The theme was 'Securian Idol' (a take on 'American Idol')...and the PSP was fabulous.

     9.5 percent (of my annual pay)! Now half of that goes into my retirement account, and the other half gets heavily taxed, but I'll still be getting a four-digit figure this time, whoot!

     I'm grateful that the last four years have all been fabulous for PSP distributions:
2005 - 8%
2006 - 9%
2007 - 8.5%
2008 - 9.5%


     Had to play catch-up with a bunch of shopping this evening, which meant no 'Nothing Gold' progress--but I consoled myself with squeezing in an extra chapter of book 1 verbal editing. And, two nice things happened while I was out:

     I had my quarterly rebate coupon to use at the pet food store, but the cashier there also dug me up a $5 off coupon I didn't know about. That was nice of her!

     AND, I found the Holy Grail--meatless pepperoni! I knew it existed, and I've been long longing for it--but today I found it. Yippee! Can't wait to try it on some pizza tomorrow!
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