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A bit of humor at work today...

     My coworker Corey got his routine thrown off this morning when he went out to turn on the car and scrape off the snow. He kept his coat on afterward, and it was only when he took his coat off at work that he realized he only had his undershirt on underneath it! The rest of us were far too amused by the whole affair--but at least his fiancee was able to bring him a shirt as she was heading into the city that morning. Poor guy--nobody's going to forget that one very quickly!

     I am delighted to add yet another story to my 'What's cooking...' entry. This one is a little bit more special, as it did not have to sit in seed-form in my mind for months or years beforehand--just leaped into my head almost fully-formed as I was walking home from the bus stop Wednesday. I am very glad to have:
--another tale of Hileko as an adult, since I didn't think I'd ever write any more.
--things continuing to go deeper with book 4 connections, thanks to writing 'Beside the Embers' and 'Nothing Gold.'
Tags: job: coworkers, shadowe, what's cooking
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