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Monday was a wonderful day.

     I am so thankful for this journal! *glomps 'Shouts of Joy'* Yesterday I combed through my 2007 entries, and I was able to come up with a bunch of stuff for my job self-appraisal. For the first time in forever I got it handed in on the due-date! And that thanks in no small part for the memory-jog this journal provided.

     My wonderful sister-in-law sent me a riding clip that would have had my hyarmi up on their feet and howling in approval, could they see it. I didn't want to hit your e-mail boxes with a big clip you may or may not appreciate, but I did find it hosted out on the web here. I should link it to my hyarmi essay, heh heh!

     Thanks to the interest of a couple wonderful people who commented on my anniversary essays, I went ahead and started writing the Shado-essay yesterday. And this is the wonderful part--while I was digging in my picture file for the wacky pictures that go with the development of the Shado/Shado's-race--I both found my black-skinned 't'DoL-variant' picture I'd mentioned in my t'DoL-essay (and it's DATED!--it moves the estimate for t'DoL picture #2 to April '93 instead of May) AND I found the original drawing I derived my Hileko-face from for the cover of my hyarmi stories (and that's dated too!). I had NO IDEA I still had that! *dances*

Last but not least: Book 1 verbal editing is COMPLETE! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! I can start in on book 2 when I get back from my trip.
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