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A treat yesterday at work in the form of Dawn bringing in some homemade pickles made by her mom. And she insisted I take the leftovers home with me!

     I found out my first 15th-anniversary celebration commission is complete! (More on that later.) The painting probably won't show up in my mail before I leave on my vacation, but I'll be looking forward to seeing it when I get back. It is amusing me and mortifying t'DoL, who said it was 'worse than Bivord'--so of course I got all over him asking what that meant. Wonderful to learn something new *gurgles* even if it probably won't get into any book or story.

     More more fun on memory lane, this time digging up old outlines of my books. I found a book 1 one in pencil on the opposite side of a scene I had to leave out of 'Hu-Hov's Debut' (due to her not knowing the human tongue). And I found a book 3 one that I printed off toward the beginning of writing that book. It's so fascinating to see the few threads that get dropped, or moved around. Also ran across two late-college-era t'DoL drawings that I very much disliked but couldn't bring myself to throw out.

     Two scenes left to write in 'Nothing Gold'!

     And it's currently -6 F/-21 C with a -19 F/-28 C windchill this morning--even colder than yesterday! The coldest February I've seen in years, so once again: thank God for thermal undies!
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