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Very happy that I took today off of work--gave me the time I needed to clean, wash hastily dug-up summer clothes, pack, and get ready to leave for Florida.

     I was amused, in the weeks leading up to today, at how many people were interested in stowing away in my luggage for this trip. I've got four coworkers, my boss, and my landlady--I think my luggage will be too heavy to move! ;)

     I'm afraid, between celebrating my 15th anniversary, and trying to get some big things done before I left, that I completely forgot my sorta-tradition of postcard offers. lovelies that have been commenting on my anniversary posts are likely to get spammed, either during the trip or when I get back, with Florida postcards/cards. Consider yourselves duly warned! =)

     ((Hope everything's all right on your end, Beth, and that you've just disappeared because you're crazy busy.))

     Should be heading off to the airport in less than an hour and a half. *waves* See you in March!

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