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Back from Florida!

     And it was a wonderful time. Between the fabulous destinations, the fantastic food made by my aunt, and all the stuff (edible and otherwise) crammed into my luggage to bring back...just fantastic.

     I've got pages and pages of handwritten journal entries to copy onto the computer, and 392 photos/movies to sort through and name, but sometime I'll post here the highlights of each day and get some photos up in Scrapbook. Besides the fabulous food, the high points for me were the creatures I'd never seen before. First and foremost, the manatee. But lots of bird species as well; off of the top of my head, the anhinga, black vulture, white ibis, fish crow, little blue heron, gallinule/moorhen, boat-tailed grackle...and that's not including captive birds. Not to mention the critters I got to feed, from giraffes to lorikeets!

     Also a mushy thanks to Pantha and Shanra for leaving some treats in my inbox amidst all the other schtuff to wade through--Pantha finishing book 3 and Shanra rereading 'Heruvael.' Thanks for the goodies!

     I'm also grateful I don't get to pick up my (snail) mail until after work Monday. Gives me a bit of time to focus on other stuff. Also, the cats are well and happy to have me home. Hurrah for a wonderful vacation!
Tags: birds: other, book 3: readers, heruvael to hu-harek, pets: arun, pets: shado, vacation
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