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Recently I've been grateful for:

     Sleeping pill my first night back home, to help stretch out my sleep despite racket-raising cats.

     LJ's nifty new symbol so I can tell a friends-filtered post from a custom-filtered one without having to wrack my memory or click 'edit' just to double-check. Yay!

     Walking to the bus stop Monday morning in negative windchills and not suffering too much either in body or lungs. I wasn't sure how much a week in Florida would 'soften' me. Hardly at all, it appears, so I'm very glad for that!

     My uncle crammed a bunch of grapefruit from their tree into my suitcase, and I got to share them with my coworkers Monday. That was a treat.

     For the lovelies overseas who commented on my 15th anniversary stuff--I got your postcards off! (The non-overseas folks already got theirs.) Apologies in advance for any future redundancy in the burbling. =) The guy at the post office had no idea about proper postage, but thanks to the wonderful internet, I now know I paid more than enough.

     Last but not least: March forth! *cackles*
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