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The good stuff of late:

     In struggling to get my photos labeled, I came across a fantastic website that has photos of birds from all over the world! Thanks to that place, I only have two species I haven't figured out (yet). I was also delighted by their huge array of hummingbird photos, and finding pictures of birds that reminded me of the top (Glittering-bellied Emerald) and bottom (Violet Sabrewing) of t'DoL's wings. *drools* And a lovely bird in Geren-colors too! (Malabar Whistling-thrush)

     Last evening, I finished painting my PYO for the Windstone PYO exchange and cut it way too close to the deadline! Feels very good to have it finished.

     LJ's been pretty darn dead of late, so the ever-active Windstone Forum's been cheering me up wonderfully. AND, thanks to getting that swap piece done at last, I finally felt unswamped enough to start hacking into 'Nothing Gold' edits. Yippee!

     And tomorrow is Thursday already!
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