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A pretty nice weekend:

     I finished my 15th anniversary 'Oldest Words' essay (that Shanra already found and commented on!) and started drafting notes for a 'chapter 2' of inspirations. The more I get down, the more I think to put down--this is fun! (The essays are all accessible through my 'Beginnings' hub page; 'Oldest Words' is at the bottom.)

     Got to use my new dishes for the first time this weekend. I'd been casually keeping an eye out for 'dream dishes' over the years, and recently realized that it's been almost 8.5 years since I moved into my apartment, and I still hadn't found them. So I got proactive and hit eBay; my first purchases came while I was in Florida. It will be fun adding to that small beginning throughout the year (The 'pattern,' Mikasa Ultrastone Grey, can be seen here)

     While killing the last few minutes waiting to pick up my prescription this morning, I came across a $5 DVD rack at Target. And what did they have but 'Sense and Sensibility'! What a find! I love that movie, but my mom isn't nearby to borrow her copy anymore.

     Last and loveliest--I now have two readers in book 1, thanks to Shanra starting up today. *hugs for both* And, great progress with 'Nothing Gold' edits. Sure, I didn't get as far as I wanted this weekend (I blame Daylight Savings ;) but I should be able to start getting some of it up on LJ for the dedicatee shortly. Hurrah!
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