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Whew, what a day!

     Finished writing my essay on 'Inspirations' chapter 2, though I want to give it a little more polishing before I put it up.

     That meant I got to start on my essay on the objects of power (for me only) which was far too much fun. Very much looking forward to getting back into that one tomorrow--already made a neat discovery on account of it.

     My throat doesn't hurt as much as last night...and I finally finished the verbal read-through of the nearly 32,000 words of 'Nothing Gold' tonight--rather underestimated just how long all that reading would take!

     Getting the last parts up on LJ as I type this...boy does it feel good to have it done at last! For one thing, there's all this dratted real-life stuff like bills and taxes that are a-squawking, and now I might have time to attend to them!
Tags: essays: anniversary, nothing gold
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