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Nice to slow down just a little...

     Pleased with my progress on my essay about the objects of power. I'm essentially 'done' with it, except for some fact-checking and making sure no more tidbits hop into my head. It was amusing to me to be almost drowning in unanswered questions regarding the Geren-book sequels as I tried to write the final section. I might have made good mental progress in the last two years, but boy do I have a long way to go!

     Finally got to kick off my book 2 editing run! I decided to do a verbal edit (because I enjoy it and Arun likes it, and it helps me catch stuff). If I manage about four chapters a week, I should have it done by the middle of May. That'll be great, because I want to kick off book 3 editing once the summer heat crushes my writing ability.

     Got started on my last 'Nothing Gold' illustration, assuming I can pull it off. It feels like I haven't touched Poser in ages, since I haven't done any computer art since before I left for Florida.

     Got my money stuff caught up, and now I'm off to start catching-up with nonfiction reading for church. The list is dwindling!
Tags: book 2: editing, essays: anniversary, nothing gold
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