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Shouts · of · Joy

It's a weekend, hurrah!      Yesterday was…

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It's a weekend, hurrah!

     Yesterday was gorgeous--it snowed all day long, though a lot melted on contact. I took some photos on my walk home from the bus stop, as I don't usually get to enjoy a Good Friday and Spring Council meeting day quite so wintry! It snowed more overnight, so it looks even whiter out now! *dances*

     I'm grateful for DSL--it makes uploading clusters of photos so much less tedious than it used to be on dial-up.

     Greatly savored my Easter tradition of watching 'Miracle Maker'--and I swear I love that movie more more every time I see it! Simply priceless.

     On the overflowing to-do list for today: emptying out the bottom of my clothes closet and pulling the carpet/padding out of there. Then I'll only have one section remaining! (And as that entails moving the computer hutch, printer hutch, AND plant stand, I'll be putting that off for a while!)
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On March 22nd, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records commented:
Looks like you got a little carried away with the 'paste' command! =)

I think I only ever saw 'The Robe' once, or maybe twice. I'm planning to watch 'The Passion' this afternoon. I need to add 'Ben Hur' to my collection--that's a good Easter movie too. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Good Friday service.

I took a couple pictures out my side door earlier this morning; by now the snow has already melted off the trees.

A blessed Easter to you! I got your card yesterday, thank you! Did you get mine?