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Easter Sunday! And it's been a good weekend so far:

     Thanks to the wonderful internet, not only was I able to find out the name of the extinct bird species I posted about in 'Inspirations, ch 2,' I was able to find a clip of its singing! I'm going to listen to it over and over, until it's fixed in my mind forever. I've added that link to my essay, for those interested.

     And a treat in the mailbox on Saturday--a couple cds as a gift from my parents, and one of them the 'Neopolitan Mandolins' cd of theirs I've been in love with for years and would play excessively whenever I housesat at their place or paid a visit in California. EEEEEEEE, what a wonderful surprise! It was made in Italy and just plain can't be found here anymore, so it was wonderful of them to make a copy and give their original to me.

     A wonderful double accomplishment yesterday. Not only did I get the Portal Page illustration made for 'Allegiance,' I got the story finished as well! Since it's so short, it shouldn't take long for me to polish up--will be nice to have something new up at last, and make up for the frustration of waiting on 'Nothing Gold.'

     Lastly, a beautiful drive to church this Easter morning--low tattered clouds, veiled sunlight shining through--and SNOW! The forecast had said 'flurries,' but it sure was looking lovelier than that when I was driving!
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