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A pleasant day today:

     My employer is redoing everyone's badges with a newer layout and embedded chips, so that entails everyone getting new pictures taken. I took my 10-year-old badge and myself down today to get a new one made...and the picture came out lovely! Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable...and it must have broken some rule somewhere! ;D

     'Allegiance' is posted and accessible from my Portal Page. Sure feels good to have something new up, as it's been three months since I last added stories there. I'm afraid it's quite short--sorry, my voracious sister-in-law! ;) Whenever I get to put up 'Nothing Gold,' that might make up for it.

     (Note to those currently reading my first book: You might want to hold off on 'Allegiance' at least until you 'meet' the Wolf-Lord through Geren's pov. Makes for a better first encounter, and might cut down on a few questions too!)
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