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Ah, coincidence! My boss noticed this afternoon that today was 'green shirt day' at work. She, Nancy, and Dawn had various shades of olive green, my shirt was forest-green, and even Corey had some green in his striped shirt!

     I'm so glad God made cats to purr. It is such a delicious, wonderful sound and sensation. Arun was really cranking it up this evening.

     And I just finished chapter 20 of book 2 verbal edits. Chugging right along!

     Right after that, I got an e-mail: DAZ has released a 'Millennium Puppy'! The one thing I regretted with my DAZ Millennium Dog figure was that it only did adult dogs. But now they have a puppy! At last I can do a puppy-Star playing with/riding on Rags as I've long longed too. Yippee! And it's on sale right now too...good thing tomorrow is payday!
Tags: book 2: editing, job: boss, job: coworkers, pets: arun
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