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A somewhat frustrating but not-bad-overall weekend:

     I'm up to chapter 24 with my book 2 verbal edits, so only 10 chapters left! Whee! This is also nice because time for editing should be severely restricted in the future. Even if I only manage two chapters each weekend, I'll still finish by early May.

     I stopped by Trader Joe's Sunday because I happened to be in the area. Wandering around trying to ignore how packed it was, just looking at stuff to try out. I went to the juice area...and what should I find but


Ahhhhh what a delicious surprise! So I had to grab four bottles and nearly break my arm getting my little basket to the check-out counter. Maybe I'll buy the rest of their stock next weekend...have to let them know there's local demand, right! ;D

     The reason I was up in that area was to meet my friend Christi--she was treating me to a meal out as a (rather belated) Christmas gift. And I finally got to give her my thoroughly dried-up Christmas tree (made my car smell great on the way over). We had a good time and talked for a couple of hours.
Tags: book 2: editing, spicy cider
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