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A couple good things today:

     As for the first: snow! Buckets and buckets and torrents and torrents of it, from 9 am onward. It's still coming down now, though it's been just a shade too warm for it to pile up much. Makes for a wonderful March going 'out like a lion' and a great April Fool's Day joke, to boot!

     As for the second:


     Yes, Eeeeeee, I say most eloquently! I have finally, finally broken free and made some forward progress with book 4. At LAST! It has been a goal of mine lately to get things moving there again before I hit the two-year anniversary of my last forward progress. I cannot believe it's been that long, though a big part of that is that the depression months of 2007 are a black pit in my mind that exist in a separate universe from the other 32 years of my existence. I really can't believe it's been almost two years, but I was determined not to let it be even worse than with book 1. With that book, I bogged down in 'Detours' chapter in May of 1998, managed to wring the rest of it out of me at staggered intervals, but didn't get rolling with the next chapter, 'Midsummer,' until July of 2000. I really wasn't interested in breaking that record!

     So yay, yay, yay for progress at last! I've done some good work with my outline too, so God willing, I can get through at least five or more chapters before I run smack into a wall of perplexity.

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