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Shouts · of · Joy

A pretty good Tuesday:      Ah, what an…

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A pretty good Tuesday:

     Ah, what an April Fool's Day joke the weather gave my region! Apparently most of my coworkers got more snow than I did, and most of the snow around my home has melted too quickly--but I did get some photos on the way to the bus stop this morning.

April Fool's weather 1!

April Fool's weather 2!

The ride itself was so gorgeous I spent most of my time gawking out the window (and there was a pillar of orange fire over the rising sun--I love it when that happens!) What a marvellous treat!

     The dedicatee read 'Nothing Gold' today (and enjoyed it)! So yes, I'll be making an announcement about that tomorrow.

     Got some more book 4 writing done this evening. I want to savor it and not rush, as I'm pretty sure this is Geren's highest point over the five books. We're enjoying it together. =)
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