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     Forgot to celebrate with all the stuff I was trying to cram into last evening--but with 'Nothing Gold' up, my Portal Page has now hit twenty stories! Eeee! It's a goal of mine to have it up to 30 within a year--by editing and putting up 5 'old' stories, as well as writing 5 'new' ones. We'll see how things actually progress...

     Speaking of stories, an article I read in a magazine this morning triggered an old very dark t'DoL-story I've batted around since college days (but isn't on my 'What's cooking...' page due to not being formed enough). This has given me a different angle from which to view things...maybe someday it will be truly 'resurrected' (and hopefully remain novella-sized and not bigger).

     I was on my lunchbreak reading a book when my monitor beeped and quit functioning. Called tech support; they couldn't fix it over the phone, and when the tech guy came, he couldn't either, so off he went with my CPU. Had to try to do my work at another computer (with no access to my e-mail or local files) until he brought back a different one. Anyway, the reason I bring all this up--gratitude! I'm glad something like this happened at WORK, where I can get quick help and not pay a cent. Had it been home, I'd have likely blamed the monitor instead of the graphics card or whatever, been out a LOT of money, and lost a significant amount of time with great aggravation and no writing progress. Thank God for a well-behaved home pc and monitor! =D

     Last but not least, my sister-in-law just finished reading 'Nothing Gold'! *hugs* Yippee!
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