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Shouts · of · Joy

A strikingly different pair of treats today:…

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A strikingly different pair of treats today:

     Me and my coworkers had so much free entertainment today! I noticed this peculiar bright red contraption that looked rather like a giant vacuum cleaner or wet-vac parked in the street from the window after I got to work this morning. Then, around 8, I noticed a peculiar, distant noise. Went to the window, and lo and behold--workers were using it to vacuum the roof of a building! I have flooding on my brain, alas, so I assumed it was water. But when my boss got a glimpse of the proceedings after she came in around 9, she thought they were vacuuming up the layer of pebbles that cover the roof. And so it was...though at the rate they progressed for the duration of the day, it will take them over a week to do the whole building. It was so fun to see the dump-truck below (also bright red) get filled with rocks, and the men add white extenders to the black tubing as the day progressed, so they could reach farther and farther. Too much free entertainment right from our department windows!

Shiny red monster vacuum! (sorry about poor photo quality)

     And I had a delightful interruption during tonight's book 4 writing. I thought I saw an immature eagle on my walk home, but there was no denying what I saw this evening. Heard noise and looked out my window to see a huge Bald Eagle being attacked by two crows. I have no idea what he was after, but he kept circling around and refusing to leave. A third crow joined; I tore off to the cat room for a better view--and at one point the eagle got within five feet of the ground over a neighbor's yard (some 50 feet away) before he flapped off and gave up for good. It was incredible--such grace and control from those huge wings!

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On April 8th, 2008 05:39 am (UTC), silvanime commented:
What a wonderful sight! A Bald Eagle! I'm quite envious.

Sounds like it was a day for strange sights.
On April 8th, 2008 12:54 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
I've noticed that spring is when I see them the most, as they head up the Mississippi from farther south in the state where they passed the winter. Doesn't matter how often I see them, it's always a thrill.

It was indeed! They're back at it with the vacuum this morning.
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On April 8th, 2008 07:58 am (UTC), shanra commented:
That must have been an incredibly impressive sight to see that Bald Eagle... And that red vacuum monster just sounds like a lot of fun to come past!
On April 8th, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
It was neat to see one so very close, and from the comfort of my own home! I've spotted them flying over my place a handful of times over the years, but that was far and away the best and longest 'show.' =)

They're out running the huge vacuum again already! (I do feel bad for the people under the roof or in the nearby towers--it must be quite noisy for them, if I can hear it clearly here.)
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On April 8th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC), diapers4three commented:
Ahh... a bald eagle. lovely!!

i'm surprised that crows would be messing with it, though, and that it would be driven away by them... they seem to me to be so much further down the food chain!
On April 8th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
Oh, the crows are wise to stay above it, though the eagle doesn't seem fast enough to be as much of a threat as some of the hawks I've seen getting harrassed. It's the time of year--nesting, and Bald Eagles aren't above grabbing a crow egg or chick. It is funny, because in early spring the crows drive all the big birds crazy with their attacking, and then in late spring the little songbirds are always attacking the crows, for the same reason!

(Don't get me going on birds, dear sister-in-law! ;)
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On April 9th, 2008 02:22 am (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Thanks for posting the photo of the big red monster vacuum. It is BIG!
I love the bright red color. What a fun diversion.

Wonderful on the Bald Eagle. What a treat. It would have been something to get a movie or photo of him. I can't believe how many you seen them.
On April 9th, 2008 11:21 am (UTC), hyarmi_records replied:
They were out there again Tuesday, but it looks like they might be done with the vacuum now. It really was a treat!

I know--and I'd just put my camera back in my workbag, too! But they don't uusally hang around that long, and I'd have missed most of it if I was off getting the camera. This certainly seems to be the time of year to spot them!