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A sort of 'bumpy' day today, but not bad:

     In the midst of the excitement of having my work pc flip out again and stuff piling up around my ears--I had my yearly PA (performance appraisal) today. It went well, I think I was too stressed by computer woes and delayed tasks to get too embarrassed over the my boss's 'gush' session.

     A wonderful surprise in the mail today: a package from my aunt! With some songbird cards she'd received from somewhere (I'll have to send my mom the mountain bluebird one!) and cans of beans that are a step closer to Puerto-Rican-homemade-tasting for me to try, and instructions on how to make sofritos as well as a bag of cornmeal to do it with...and a beautiful seashell that once used to be my grandfather's. I'll treasure that.

     Last but not least, I just installed my new cd/dvd drive, to replace mine that mysteriously croaked in February. It all went smooth as glass, thank God! I feel an urge to pinch myself... ;)

     And now I feel sufficiently caught up with tedious at-home stuff tonight that I can be back to book 4 writing tomorrow. YIPPEE!!
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