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What a day!

     There was a surprising message waiting on my answering machine this morning. I almost busted out laughing in the middle of it, because the Red Cross lady started by saying how wonderful and how excellent my platelets were...before going on to say she was sending me information about becoming a Platelet Apheresis donor. So I read up on it and am excited by the possibility. I've been sitting on the bone marrow list for some time and not been called yet, I'm an organ donor but can't do anything about that until I keel over. Here's something else I might be able to do now--and unlike 'normal' blood donation, I can give up to 24 times a year, because they just keep my platelets and stick the rest of my blood back in me. The drawback is the time involved--2 hours or more (I bleed slowly) which rules out at-work or evening donations. Still, very excited by the possibility. Helping out people on chemotherapy or bone marrow recovery is worth going in one Saturday a month. I hope it works out!

     And what a night! Got through a big, huge, secret-revealing, all-sorts-of-things-uncovered scene, and I finished chapter 21 to boot! It's been a long time since I've written a whole chapter in two days, especially when one of those days was a workday. Hurrah! Going to have to slow down now though, methinks, as I don't quite know the little details before the next set of high fun/drama/action scenes. What a night!
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