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Top of the gratitude list for today: being back! Ugh, but was that a frustrating, interminable, exasperating, no-fun week! There were some other good things, though I have to dig for them.

     Best of the lot: a surprise flower bouquet from coworker Shelley! She gave it to me because last week was 'Administrative Professionals Week.' It was such a treat, and so nice to have it at work--at home I can't really enjoy flowers and I have to guard them from the cats all the time. Such a beautiful arrangement, too!

     After getting my brains, appetite, and sleep patterns roasted by 70's early last week, the weather took a nosedive. It's just plain fun and special to see snow on the green grass April 26th, and to walk to the bus with frost and 28 degree temps (-2 C) April 29th. I am extremely grateful for any reprieve before the horrid summer fries my brain. Nice to have an appetite again too.

     My weekend plans I'd been so anticipating were utterly wrecked by my losing my driver's license somehow...the positive side was that I was able to get myself to the DMV after work Monday for a new one, there was no line, the employees were actually more than semi-civil, and it costs less than I'd anticipated. Feels good to not be driving illegally, too!

     The Red Cross lady called Monday and explained the whole apheresis donation process and I got to ask the questions I'd come up with during my online research. Got myself signed up for Wednesday evening--here's hoping my iron's high enough! (Quite excited.)

     Last and definitely not least, got chapter 23 of book 4 written. So six chapters added in a month's time (31,000 words) and very close to the end of what I 'know.' Good timing too, since May heat is going to put an end to writing season sooner or later.
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