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Recent delights...

     On Thursday, piles of pastries at work! These from Dawn, who was a bit desperate Wednesday evening as she realized she had until 11 pm to get her timecard filled out online, and doesn't have a computer at home to do it with. So she left frantic messages with me (I was off donating), Nancy (off at class), then Corey's cell phone--and Corey happened to be at church with our boss that night (who actually has the authority to get into her account and do it for her), so Dawn was saved. But she was very grateful for us all calling her back and trying to help out--hence the deluge of pastries. Quite sweet of her, pardon the pun. =D

     I'm so proud of my coworker Nancy I could bust my buttons. ;) I'm the Red Cross recruiter for my section of the department, so I finally got up the nerve to go around and ask everyone if they'd like to sign up for the blood drive in the middle of May. And Nancy screwed up her courage and made an appointment today! Why is this big? Because the last time she gave, back in spring of 2005 I'm guessing, she got pretty nasty nerve damage in her arm as a result, missed a bit of work, had a lot of pain and incapacity, just a mess. So I'm applauding her courage in stepping forward to try again!

     I'm also happy that it appears 'third time's the charm'--this for me and my next attempted commission to celebrate my 15th anniversary year. The first person I found whose work I liked for this particular thing...I wanted to wait until I got back from my Florida trip so I'd be around, and while I was in Florida, he got fed up with being ripped off by too many fickle people, and quit doing commissions. The second person I found, I wasn't quite as happy with the work or the size, but while I was dithering, her website went under. Finally found another person, nice size, much more expensive--and very popular with a waiting list filling up a couple months in advance. Got in contact with her yesterday, and it looks like it actually might be a go, once my spot in the waiting list comes up. Ooh, I'm getting excited!
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