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Monday treats:

     It stayed cooler than forecasted today, which made for a delicious walk home. Things are greening up beautifully; fairest of all was the weeping willow I walk past every workday afternoon--such a beautiful golden-green as it was clad in flowers and tiny budding leaves.

     Got my replacement driver's license already--just a week after I went to the DMV. Wow!

     Best of all, bouncing quickly from one thing to another. In looking over/tweaking my What's cooking... post on Sunday, the story Shadowe once again started screaming with a vengeance. I've already had to squash the thing a few times this spring, as book 4 took priority. But since I'm not quite sure how the next chapter of book 4 plays out, I decided to shelve it for the workweek. Got a great start on 'Shadowe' tonight and would have gotten a bit further if it wasn't for bedtime bearing down. Yippee! It's been far too long (8 years 5 years--I forgot about 'Alternate'!) since I've written from (adult) Hileko's pov. =D
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