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Terrific Tuesday!

     Recently, I've been thinking about the fact I'm grateful for increased self-control. Once upon a time (like 2001-2003) I couldn't let myself read any new fiction at all when I was supposed to be writing. There was the risk I'd unwittingly imitate the author's voice, but there was also the fact that I'd never get any writing done while there was an enjoyable story sitting around unfinished. The first was too repugnant, the latter too tempting. I'm glad that's no longer the case today. Perhaps it's because I've gotten 'old,' and finally realized the words will not dissolve off the page if I leave the book for a little. ;) Perhaps it's because of all the stories I've read online where I was forced to wait abominable lengths between chapters. Certainly part was due to last year's major depression and knowing that I might lose the ability to write again, at any time for any duration--I simply can't take it for granted. Whatever the combination of the above, I'm grateful that now I can put writing first, even in the middle of a tantalizing page-turner. So I've gotten through 20 new reads thus far this year, and my writing certainly hasn't suffered for it. For increased self-control, or whatever it is--thank you, God!

     Also...I finished 'Shadowe'! Eee, but it did get a little hairy toward the end there, as I nearly walked into a contradiction with book 3, then shortly after almost walked into an implied contradiction with 'Master-Stone's Warder'/'The Final Circuit.' Remind me not to write pieces set so close to other pieces! ;) Feels great to have it done in only two days, to have it crossed off at 'What's cooking...' because I so love crossing things off, and...the reward of no writing tomorrow because between work and evenings, my arms are a-hurting.

     The story's complete, yippee! Now off for a few more minutes of that tantalizing fiction read...
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