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A couple of 'odds and ends' sorts of days:

     Getting some stuff cleared out at work which left behind a mess of empty boxes and lids was an opportunity the coworkers simply could not pass up. So now we have slinky races on our breaktimes! (Though every time Kyle calls his (borrowed) slinky the 'Steel Avenger' I try not to bust out laughing.)

     Great work with 'Shadowe' over the last two days--plenty of editing; it's polished enough so I can set it aside for a time now. Got the Portal Page illustration done, and started in on the in-story picture (because the amusement factor of 'multiple Hileko's' can't be passed up!).

     I dug through my disorderly collection of maps and found I do have a Wisconsin road map, from 2002, no less! (I was expecting 1990 or something ancient like that). It's wonderful--covers enough of Minnesota and Iowa as to give me all I need for my big excursion this weekend.

     Also gearing up for my next story for the ARG!: 'Vigil.' Got a messy draft of sorts written (I rarely do those for stories anyway), and buried myself in research last night about delicious things like 'Hemorrhagic Shock,' 'Hypovolemia,' 'Progressive Decompensation,' 'Fluid Resuscitation,' 'Saline'--fun stuff like that. Which is why I'm forcing myself to wait on starting until the weekend, as I can manage about a paragraph in 20 minutes when I'm up to my ears in reference materials--weeknights are just too short!
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