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Fun and anticipation--

     The fun went through the roof this morning. Dawn brought her video camera to work and so we had a slinky racing tournament, which she videotaped. Corey won with his 'Arabian Fire,' defeating Dawn's 'Icicle Rose,' and Kyle's (previously undefeated) 'Steel Avenger.' (I was happy to lose in the first round and enjoy watching.) All I can say is that I want a copy of Dawn's video...

     And off at the crack of dawn tomorrow (aiming at a 5:30 am departure, anyway) to Wyalusing State Park in Wisconsin, to see the monument there. It ties in wonderfully with my 15th Anniversary 'Inspirations, ch 2' essay, so I'll post about the whole affair (with loads of photos) either Sunday or Monday on my 15th anniversary filter using the essay as my leaping-off point. I'm excited to go at last!
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